The railway may be long gone, but remnants still remain, if you know where to look. Walk the route from Swansea to Mumbles Pier (or the other way), stop at all the stations, learn about the amazing and world-first Mumbles Railway

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I walk the Mumbles Railway Trail?

The trail follows the route of the Mumbles Railway, so the first stop is where Rutland Street would have been, just outside the LC on the Mumbles Road near the traffic lights. All you have to do is find the station stop sign, scan the QR code with your mobile device and watch the video. At the end of each video you will then be directed to the next station stop. Of course, you don't have to walk it all in one day. You can take your time and stop at one of the lovely cafes along the route while you look over the amazing views of Swansea Bay and imagine riding the iconic Mumbles Railway.

Do I need to download anything, or sign up for anything?

No, there's nothing to download or sign up to. You simply scan the code and watch the videos. You will need a mobile data connection in order to stream the videos, however, but mobile signal along the route is excellent, so you shouldn't have any problems navigating your way along the Mumbles Railway Trail.

Do you harvest my personal data?

No, we don't collect any of your data whatsoever. There's nothing to sign up to, nothing to download or upload, and we collect no data at all. All you have to do is walk the route, scan the QR codes and enjoy the videos.

Station Stops

Landscape Design

Remaining determine few her two cordially admitting old. 

Rutland Street

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Argyle Street

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St Helen's

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Ashleigh Road

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West Cross

View the Video

Norton Road

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View the Video

Mumbles Pier

View the Video

Landscape Design

Remaining determine few her two cordially admitting old. 

Landscape Design

Remaining determine few her two cordially admitting old. 



Video Production

Narrator: Huw Davies

Interviews and Photography: Zorah 7 Studios

Sound Engineer: Adam Howell

3d Train Model: Keith Jones

3d Location Modelling: Neal Petty

Producer: Naomi Trodden

Directed and Edited: Zorah 7 Studios


With Thanks To:

All copyright holders for the use of images and archive footage

University of Wales Trinity St David, Creative Music Technology Department

Media & Communications Department, Swansea University

All who agreed to be interviewed for the videos and personal stories

Gower Unearthed

The Directors of Mumbles Development Trust and specialist advisors:

Robin Bonham

Paul Davies

Peter Tremewan

Louise James

Neil Thomas

Carol and John Powell



During ongoing construction work for the Mumbles Coastal Protection Scheme in 2024 and until completion, it will only be possible to install temporary replica station signs at Oystermouth and Southend station stops. However, it will still be possible to follow Mumbles Railway Trail through these former stations via the QR codes displayed on the temporary signage, and full replica station signs will be installed when the coastal defence work has finished.


Lottery Heritage Fund
Mumbles Community Council

Mumbles Railway Trail is a Mumbles Development Trust project funded by: National Lottery Heritage Fund, GWR Community Fund, Swansea Council, Mumbles Community Council, and with community donations raised through Crowdfund Swansea.
CONTACT US at: mdtmumbles@gmail.com

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