The Mumbles Railway was the first passenger railway in the world, established in 1807 and continued until 1960. Initially the railway was horse-drawn, later using steam locomotives along a mostly single track adjacent to the coastline of Swansea Bay, the final destination being Mumbles Pier. Thousands of Victorian and Edwardian-era holiday makers would use the railway to arrive in Mumbles and enjoy the tourist attractions and surrounding beaches. In 1929 the line was electrified, and the steam trains were replaced by red double-decked electric cars, each capable of carrying 106 passengers. The line itself was improved at this time, with an efficient signalling system and several passing points. The Mumbles Railway was used not only by tourists but also by the local population, to travel to work and school. It was a much-loved feature of Mumbles and Swansea life until its sudden demise in 1960, mainly due to the growth in popularity of motor transport. The tracks were removed, and stations, equipment and signs demolished. Very little evidence of the railway exists today on the ground.


The Mumbles Railway Trail is a permanent record and celebration of the Mumbles Railway, creating a visible reminder of the original route travelled by this iconic rail line in the form of a walking trail. Foundry-cast replica station signs have been installed at 11 points along the route, each one bearing a QR code accessed by smartphone, showing archive film footage and stills, computer generated augmented reality recreations of the iconic red tramcars and some of the stations, with trail background information commentary and recordings of memories of the railway. At key points on the trail there are also information boards, posters and murals. The trail starts at Rutland Street, Swansea, and can be followed on foot all the way to Mumbles Pier.

Lottery Heritage Fund
Mumbles Community Council

Mumbles Railway Trail is a Mumbles Development Trust project funded by: National Lottery Heritage Fund, GWR Community Fund, Swansea Council, Mumbles Community Council, and with community donations raised through Crowdfund Swansea.
CONTACT US at: mdtmumbles@gmail.com

Swansea City Council
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